Gaia Lorenzi: Lake of Sorapis

Sorapìs Lake never disappoints.

To those who ask me what to see in Cortina that is summer, spring and autumn, I recommend visiting the lake with the color of emeralds. Nourished by the waters coming from the Sorapis mountain, it seems that its unique tone is due to the very thin rock powders carried by the glacier just above it.

Several itineraries lead to the lake, but for those who want to leave directly from Ciasa Lorenzi I suggest to taking the Faloria cablecar a few steps away from the hotel, to reach reaching the homonymous hut and then follow path n.213 and 216  towards Forcella Marcoira and then Sorapis Lake.

To come back, follow pathe n.215 to Passo Tre Croci: from there you can take a bus or walk down to Cortina along path n. 209.

An oddity: in Cortina there are over 24 lakes, some visible just in spring, others not well known because of their less touristic location. The very center of Cortina, just where the bell tower rises nowadays, in the sixth century used to be a lake, formed by a large landslide broken off the Cristallo mountain that blocked the valley.

Other remarkable lakes equipped with restaurants and bars and easily reachable on footpaths or by car or shuttle are Ghedina, Pianozes, Bai de Dones, Federa and Aial. The lakes at the highest altitude are Limedes Lake at 2172 m. that in spring reaches its maximum splendor being of glacial origin and the Foses Lake 2143 m. in the Natural Park of the Dolomites of Ampezzo.