The Lorenzi family

The Lorenzi family is a guarantee in terms of hospitality

For three generations it has managed the “Rifugio Scoiattoli”, an alpine hut built by Lorenzo Lorenzi back in 1969. Born as a classic mountain hut with an incredible panorama, today the “Rifugio Scoiattoli” is known for live music concerts, events and excellent cuisine thanks to the initiative of his sons Claudia and Guido and their nephews Alessandro and Gaia.

The natural evolution of this passion for their profession led the family to accept this new challenge: a family-run hotel in the center of Cortina with its own restaurant.

You can breathe fresh air, enthusiasm and tradition in the restaurant and in the renovated bar. The logo itself is chosen to identify the hotel has a deep meaning that links Ciasa Lorenzi to the customs and tradictions practices of Cortina d'Ampezzo. It is the ancient "sign of home": each head of the family had his own sign engraved on work tools as well as on the ridge beam of his home. The sign used to be transmitted to the heirs, who had to modify it to make it their own. The strong bond with the territory is perceived by the choice of typical mountain wood furnishings and by the hotel's own name, "ciasa" that means "house" in the Ladin language of the Ampezzo valley.

Tradition and innovation, professionalism and warmth: these are the reasons why a stay at Ciasa Lorenzi will leave a "sign" in the heart and memories of its guests.